Witness top 10 richest Cricketers in India (Updated 2024)


Featuring among top 10 richest cricketers in India is a very big achievement for any athlete in India. 

Along with on-field success, it marks how good you are when it comes to managing your Financial life.

There are several factors on which cricketer net worth is calculated. It starts with their salary, IPL contracts, brand endorsements, stock market, businesses, investments or even luxury cars.

Today, I have gathered an updated list of India’s Top 10 richest cricketers. You will know every information regarding these players’ net worth, properties & their investments. 

So let’s get started!

Top 10 Richest Cricketers in World

S.No Cricketer name Net Worth
1 Sachin Tendulkar Rs. 1395 Crore
2 Virat Kohli Rs. 1045 Crore
3 MS Dhoni Rs. 1040 Crore
4 Saurav Ganguly Rs. 700 Crore
5 Virender Sehwag Rs. 350 Crore
6 Yuvraj Singh Rs. 333.1 Crore
7 Rahul Dravid Rs. 320 Crore
8 Rohit Sharma Rs. 214 Crore
9 Gautam Gambhir Rs. 205 Crore
10 Suresh Raina Rs. 200 Crore
India’s Richest Cricketer

#1 Sachin Tendulkar(Rs. 1395 crore)

Former Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar with a white BMW car
Master Blaster has most 100’s in cricket in all formats.

Also known as “The God of Cricket” in India, Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar is the richest cricketer in India. He has a staggering net worth of about Rs 1395 Crore. 

Not only in India, but Master blaster is also counted as world richest cricketer ever after retiring from cricket 11 years back. 

This shows how good is Tendulkar’s Financial IQ. His assets portfolio ranges from properties, startup investment, businesses to the Stock Market.

Recently Master blaster stock market acumen was praised by the world for his investment in Azad Engineering IPO. This IPO delivers  him a whopping 600% returns.

Properties: Tendulkar owns 2 luxurious houses in Mumbai along with his wife which he bought for Rs. 39 crore(2007) & Rs. 7.5 Crore(2017)

Startup Investment: Smaaash Entertainment, JetSynthesys, International Tennis Premier League, Spinny, Smartron, Indian Super League(ISL), Musafir, True Blue, SRT Sports Management Private Limited, S Drive and Sach

Businesses: Sachin does not run any business by himself. He tried to run his own restaurant two times but failed very badly & finally shut down. 

Salary: Salary by Mumbai Indians for mentorship duties & for playing leagues like legends league cricket, road safety series.

#2 Virat Kohli(Rs. 1045 crore)

2nd richest cricketer in India Virat Kohli with his yellow audi car
Kohli has most runs among active player.

Along with scoring 1000 of runs in cricket pitch, Former Indian Captain Virat Kohli also has about thousand crores of wealth. 

With net worth of about Rs. 1045 crore, Virat firmly occupies 2nd position among top 10 richest cricketers in India.

His important & growing assets lie across properties, start-up investments & his own businesses. 

It is very recent that Virat Kohli pips MS dhoni to 3rd position, since former assets value grows.

Virat also earns a lot of money from his central contract & match fees. His IPL team RCB also paid him a fatty cheque too.

Due to his ever growing popularity & fan following, the right hander earns a hefty amount of money from brand endorsements. Virat along with his wife Actress Anushka Sharma has made several investments together.

Properties: VIrat kohli has two different properties one in Gurgaon & other one in Mumbai where he mostly lives. His Gurgaon property has a gigantic value of Rs. 80 crore while his Mumbai property values around Rs. 34 Crores.

Startup Investment:  Rage Coffee, Blue Tribe, Sport Convo, Universal Sportsbiz(invested around 19.3 crore), Galactus Funware Technology Pvt Ltd, Digit, Hyperice, Chisel Fitness(invested around Rs. 90 crore)

Businesses: Kohli owns several businesses that are achieving significant success in their respective sectors. These include One8 Commune, a chain of resto bars; Nueva, a South American-themed fine dining bar and restaurant; and Puma One8, a sportswear brand launched in collaboration with Puma.

Salary: IPL contract from RCB, Match fees, Central contract by BCCI.

#3 Mahendra Singh Dhoni(Rs. 1040 crore)

3rd richest cricketer in India MS Dhoni
Only captain who won all ICC tournaments

Apart from the cricket field, MS Dhoni’s tactical moves in the financial field has made him 3rd richest cricketer in India as well as in the whole world.

Thala Dhoni has achieved a significant wealth of Rs.1040 crore through his various assets. He is also a very sound Entrepreneur & owns multiple businesses. Recently he opened his Film production house named as Dhoni’s Entertainment.

Dhoni’s richness can be known from the fact that he has an awesome collection of over 100 bikes in his own house. 

What is surprising is that MS Dhoni’s wealth has grown significantly after his retirement from Indian cricket.

Captain cool charges Rs. 12 crore from his IPL team Chennai Super Kings for one season. Dhoni also has an internal deal with CSK owners through which he earns crores from their company India Cements.

Like Virat, MS Dhoni also earns big money from several brand endorsements due to his insane popularity among cricket fans.

Properties: Apart from his luxury 7 acre farmhouse in Ranchi where he spent most of his life, he also holds highly valued properties in Mumbai & Pune.

Startup Investments: Rhiti Group, KhataBook, HomeLane, Garuda Aerospace, CARS24, 7InkBrews and his most recent investment Tagde Raho. He also owns the franchises Chennaiyin FC football team, the Ranchi Rays hockey team, and the Mahi Racing Team India.

Businesses: Dhoni as a Business man runs his own film production house Dhoni’s Entertainment. He also holds a sports merchandise brand named Seven. Furthermore he also runs a chain of Gym in India named as Dhoni’s Gym. 

Salary: Rs. 12 crore contract by CSK for single IPL season.

#4 Saurav Ganguly(Rs. 700 crore)

Saurav is only player who won 4 MOTM in row

Dada of Indian cricket Saurav Ganguly occupies 4th position among top 10 richest cricketers in India with a mouth watering wealth of about Rs. 700 crore.

Ganguly’s majority of wealth lies in his brand endorsements. Some reports revealed that he charges at least 1 crore for every endorsement he makes. He just not accept the offer below 1 crore.

During his tenure as BCCI president, he earned Rs. 2 crore for his service. 

Dada also owns multiple properties along with some investment in local businesses.

With his strong face value in Kolkata he has also featured in Two reality TV shows with a multi crore deal.

Properties: Saurav owns a ultra luxurious house in his home town Kolkata which is valued around Rs. 7 Crore along with a 2 BHK lavish flat in London.

Startup Investments: Ganguly has also invested in an infotainment startup called ‘Flickstree’, and an edutech startup “Classplus”. Ganguly also made headlines when he recently invested in food delivery startup Justmyroot.  

Business: Reportedly, Saurav is all set to open his steel factory at Salboni in Paschim Medinipur of West Bengal.

Salary: Earn from mentorship duties for Delhi Capitals franchise.

#5 Virender Sehwag(Rs. 350 crore)

Former Indian cricket team opener VIrender Sehwag
Viru was the first Indian player who scored 300 runs in a test match.

Former Indian opener Virender Sehwag joins the list with his explosive wealth of about Rs. 350 Crore. 

Sehwag’s wealth sources are somewhat different from others. Like others, Shewag also has brand endorsements, investments, properties & his own businesses. 

But he also earns a hefty amount from micro-blogging platforms like Twitter. In one interview, he subtly reveals that he earns around $3 millions form his tweets.

Apart from this, Sehwag also sells various products through Amazon & Flipkart.

Properties: Shewag lives in a lavish bungalow in Hauz Khas, a posh neighbourhood in Delhi.His home valued around Rs. 126 Crore. He also has a childhood property in Najafgarh.

Startup Investment: Two Brothers Organic Farms

Businesses: Sehwag International School, World of Viru Pvt. Ltd.

Salary: Earns from Cricbuzz and commentary duties.

#6 Yuvraj Singh(Rs. 333 crore)

6th riichest cricketer in world Yuvraj SIngh with his blue bmw car
Yuvi was the only player in T20WC history who hit 6 sixes in an over.

Indian cricket team’s most trusted middle order batter Yuvraj Singh has accumulated a net worth of Rs.333.1 crores throughout his life.

Throughout his life, Yuvi earns majority of wealth through BCCI fees, IPL, brand endorsements etc.

Yuvraj has retired from IPL back in 2019, but he is still the most expensive Indian player in IPL auctions. 

Yuvi also runs multiple businesses as owner.

Properties: Reportedly, Yuvraj owns multiple properties across India. One is in Chandigarh where he himself lives. Other two are in Mumbai & Goa.

Startup Investment: EazyDiner, Wellversed, Healthians, EduKart, Chqbook, Black White Orange Brands, SportyBeans, and many others.

Businesses: Yuvraj Singh also formed his first company, an apparel brand ‘YouWeCan Ventures’ in 2015.

Salary: Earns from playing in T20 leagues.

#7 Rahul Dravid(Rs. 320 crore)

Former Indian captain Rahul Dravid sitting in a sofa during an event.
Dravid has most catches in Test cricket.

Team India current Head coach Raul Dravid is the 7th richest cricketer in India according to CA knowledge with a net worth of about Rs. 320 Crore.

Also Rahul Dravid is the richest coach of the Indian Cricket team till today. 

The Wall gets Rs. 12 crore annual salary from the BCCI for this coaching duties. During his stint as NCA head, he was also earning a good amount from there too.

Rahul Dravid has been associated with numerous brands from the time of his cricket playing days to his post retirement as a player. 

During IPL 2021, Dravid was in extreme lime-light for his angry avatar in the CRED advertisement

Like others, Rahul also has a wonderful collection of cars ranging from BMW to Mercedes. 

Properties: Rahul owns a lavish villa in Indira Nagar, Bangalore which is valued around Rs. 4 crore. He also owns various undisclosed properties across India.

Startup Investment: There is no news regarding Dravid startup investment till today. According to an Economic Times report He invests mainly in government bonds, mutual funds and fixed deposits. “Nothing fancy. I’m not sitting in front of the computer looking at share prices” he said in one interview.

Businesses: No public information regarding Rahul Businesses.

Salary: Received Rs. 12 crore salary from BCCI for this coaching duties.

#8 Rohit Sharma(Rs. 214 crore)

8th richest cricketer of India Rohit sharma
Hitman holds the record of most double hundred in ODIs.

With wealth of about Rs. 214 crore, current India’s skipper Rohit Gurunath Sharam occupies 8th position among top 10 richest cricketers in India.

In financial life, Rohit Sharma is a typical real estate investor. He himself said in one interview that if not cricketer then he would be a property dealer.

Apart from properties, Rohit also earns majority of his income through BCCI contracts, match fees, IPL, brand endorsements & startups investment.

He also has 15 crore per season IPl contract with the franchise Mumbai Indians. 

Hitman has a special place for cars in his heart. He owns a healthy collection of luxurious cars ranging from BMW, AUDI to SKODA.

Sharma is also actively investing in the Indian stock market.

Properties: He currently owns a lavish bungalow in Mumbai which is valued around 30 crores. Other than these, he also holds a villa in Hyderabad & a house in Goa which is worth around Rs 5 crores.

Startup Investment: Rohit Sharma also has invested in 2 companies. They are Rapidobotics (Robotic automation solutions) and Veiroots Wellness Solutions, which is a Healthcare company. 

Businesses: As of now there is no information regarding Sharma’s own business. However, Hitman has shown keen interest in Metaverse & NFTs and keen to open his own NFTs.

Salary: 15 crores IPL contract from Mumbai Indians, BCCI central contract and match fees.

#9 Gautam Gambhir(Rs. 205 crore)

Former Indian cricketer Gautam Gambhir
Gauti is only indian batter who hit 5 centuries in 5 consecutive test matches

Former Indian opener Gautam Gambhir placed in 9th position among top 10 richest cricketers in India with a net worth of about Rs. 205 crore.

As an MP of east Delhi constituency, Gambhir earns Rs. 36 lakhs for his Lok Sabha services.

Gambhir is financially smart & generally loves to invest in real estates. He also owns a luxury collection of cars.

Apart from brand endorsements, he earns heavily from his commentary duties & coaching responsibilities during IPL. 

Gambhir also loves investing in the equity market. Acc. to a report by Sportskeeda, Gambhir has invested in 29 companies like HDFC, IDFC etc through share market.

Properties: Gautam owns a beautiful house in Delhi’s Rajendra Nagar which is valued around Rs. 15 crore. Along with this he also holds two properties, one in Noida(Rs. 4 crore) & other in Malkapur Village(Rs 1 crore)

Startup Investments: Publicly, Gautam has invested in only 1 startup back in 2020 named as FYI Health. 

Businesses: No information regarding businesses owned.

Salary: Earns for his member of Parliament duties, IPL coaching, commentary & for playing in T20 leagues.

#10 Suresh Raina(Rs. 200 crore)

Former Indian cricketer Suresh Raina
Raina was first Indian player who hit 6K runs in T20 career.

Suresh Raina occupies the final position among 10 richest cricketers in India since he has a net worth of about 200 crore. 

In his incredible cricket career, Raina earns a healthy fan following which leads him to opportunities of several  brand endorsements. 

As an Entrepreneur Raina recently opened his own lavish restaurant in Ireland. Along with this he also runs his own profitable brands in India.

Raina’s net worth has grown by an impressive 40% over the past years, showcasing his phenomenal financial IQ. 

He earned a big paycheck for years from his IPL franchise Chennai Super Kings. After retirement, he adopts hindi commentary duties & earns money from them too.

Properties: Raina’s luxury designer house in Muradnagar, Ghaziabad, India, boasts a value of Rs. 18 Crore INR, and he owns various other real estate properties globally which are not made public.

Startup Investment: Raina is not much interested in startups like other cricketers  but he still invested in a startup company called Sahicoin, which publishes news regarding cryptocurrency.

Businesses: Raina has co-founded an Indian babycare brand called Maate, which sells high-quality, chemical free and Ayurveda-inspired baby products.He has also started a Restaurant in Amsterdam for a multi crore deal. 

Salary: Earns from playing in T20 or T10 leagues &  commentary duties.

Conclusion: 10 Richest cricketers in India

It is quite interesting to know that every player featured in this list has captained the Indian team for at least one series. Furthermore, each player has also adorn captaincy duties in IPL too. 

Can we owe their incredible wealth to that captaincy tag???

This is why every player wants to be the captain of either the Indian team or the IPL team. 

Thank you so much for reading this blog post till the end. Stay connected at cricketpunch for more info like this.

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