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NEW DELHI: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have potentially stirred a new controversy with the Royal Family by unveiling a new website, which prominently features their Sussex title. The duo has transitioned from their Archewell webpage to, a site showcasing their biographies and summarizing their latest endeavors, a Daily Mail report said.
However, concerns have been raised regarding their utilization of the Sussex title and royal insignia for seemingly commercial purposes, which might lead to objections from the Palace.
An insider expressed astonishment at the couple’s oversight of potential issues stemming from their use of the Sussex title for commercial gains and said: “They are going to have real trouble with the use of Sussex. It is a royal title and if there is any hint of commercialism about this it will be shut down. It’s just staggering they cannot see how gauche it is.”
Contrastingly, a confidant of the couple defended their actions, remarking, “Prince Harry and Meghan are the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. That is a fact. It is their surname and family name.”
The homepage of, adorned with a photo from the Invictus Games’ closing ceremony in September 2023 featuring the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, and the prominent display of their royal crest on the website, may exacerbate tensions.
This website launch comes amidst rumors suggesting the pair’s efforts to rejuvenate their media presence. The webpage, titled ‘The Office of Prince Harry and Meghan, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex,’ went live the previous evening, offering detailed biographies of Harry and Meghan alongside the most recent news about them.
Descriptions on the site portray Harry as a multifaceted individual engaged in humanitarian efforts, military advocacy, mental health, and environmental activism, while Meghan is celebrated as a staunch feminist and advocate for human rights and gender equity.
This rebranding effort occurs as the Sussexes reportedly explore collaborations with new production companies, following the conclusion of their £18 million agreement with Spotify and speculation about Netflix possibly not renewing its £80 million contract with them.
Operated by ‘The Office of The Duke and Duchess of Sussex,’ aims to be a comprehensive resource for all their activities, highlighting their engagement in business and philanthropy.
Additionally, the site previews an upcoming visit to Canada for the Invictus Games Vancouver Whistler 2025 and maintains a minimalist design, featuring a significant photograph of the couple on its homepage.
Links to the Archewell Foundation and Archewell Productions, along with the controversial site launched in 2020 following their decision to step back from royal duties, are included.
The website is expected to serve as a platform for sharing both personal and official updates from the Duke and Duchess, particularly through its ‘News’ section, the Daily Mail report said.
Moreover, the website dedicates a page to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, outlining their achievements and backgrounds. Harry’s biography highlights his decade-long service in the British Armed Forces and his role as a New York Times bestselling author of ‘Spare,’ described as a memoir characterized by compassion, vulnerability, and honesty. Meghan’s biography showcases her advocacy efforts, her successful acting career, notably in ‘Suits,’ and her accomplishments as a bestselling author of ‘The Bench’ and ‘Together: Our Community Kitchen.’
Their commitment to philanthropy is emphasized with the motto “Show Up, Do Good,” advocating for charitable work that extends beyond mere handouts to meaningful engagement.
The couple’s foundation, Archewell, is dedicated to initiating significant projects and fostering long-term societal change. Archewell Productions, established in 2020, focuses on presenting diverse narratives that highlight our shared humanity and the importance of community.
Recent events have seen Prince Harry visiting London to meet with his father, King Charles, following the latter’s cancer diagnosis, marking their first significant interaction in 15 months. Meanwhile, Meghan has been involved in culinary activities with Afghan women resettled in the US, under the Archewell Foundation’s Welcome Project, aimed at providing a supportive and inclusive environment for these women.

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