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Louis Tomlinson spotted in Australia, hints at unforgettable national tour kickoff

Louis Tomlinson touches down in Australia.
Louis Tomlinson touches down in Australia.

Louis Tomlinson sneaks into Australia in casual airport look. The anticipation for his national tour reaches new heights as the 32-year-old sensation discreetly lands in Sydney ahead of Friday morning. 

The former One Direction heartthrob opted for a low-key ensemble, sporting a graphic t-shirt and sweatpants, downplaying his rockstar status. 

He attempted to fly under the radar, concealing his famous face with a cap and sunglasses. 

During his last visit, the singer found himself making headlines when faced with probing questions from The Project’s Carrie Bickmore and Peter Helliar about the infamous One Direction feud. 

Asked about his reflections on the band, Louis responded with pride, emphasizing the incredible experience at a young age and cherishing the memories.

However, when pressed about being linked to One Direction despite their 2016 split, Carrie asked about his willingness to repeatedly discuss that chapter of his life in interviews. 

Louis, undeterred, expressed his happiness to talk about it but hinted at a potential stir-up, stating, “It’s just when you mentioned the beef before, it sounded like you were getting ready to stir some s**t up, that’s all I’m saying.” 

Amidst the friendly banter, Peter chimed in, denying any intention to stir controversy. 

The exchange showcased Louis’s protective stance on the band’s legacy, leaving fans curious about how he’ll navigate such questions in the future.

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