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Kate Middleton praised for bold step amid cancer battle

Kate Middleton takes major risk amid cancer battle
Kate Middleton takes major risk amid cancer battle

Kate Middleton took major risk as she overcame her inherent shyness to make shocking announcement about her cancer diagnosis in a video message.

The Princess of Wales suffered much to deliver her emotional news on camera amid ‘unfair’ social media attacks and jokes.

However, royal biographer Sally Bedell Smith lavished praise on the future Queen for her brave stance and delivery, admitting it was no easy feat for the naturally introverted princess.

“She is inherently shy, and for her to do that took a lot,” Bedell Smith told People.

Princess was “sincere, dignified, poised, and she was forthright” in her delivery, but the announcement likely wasn’t easy, according to the expert.

Kate’s heart-reaching video statement came after weeks of speculation about the princess’ health and whereabouts as she took a break from public duties. In addition to shedding light on her own medical situation, Kate voiced her support for others affected by cancer.

“When she ended with ‘You are not alone,’ it rang a bell with something that [the late] Queen Elizabeth [II] would have said,” 

“It was very similar to what Queen Elizabeth said during COVID when she said, ‘We are all in this together.”

“She was mindful there are very few people who read about that or watched that who [don’t] know someone who has cancer. She was mindful of that,” Bedell Smith said. 

“It was a way of reassuring people not only about her condition but helping them have courage.”

One of Kate’s friends told The Sunday Times that the Princess “wrote every word” of the announcement:  “It allowed her to speak directly to the public who, overwhelmingly, have always been with her and her family and who don’t buy into the noise and gossip. It came together very quickly.”

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