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“I was never engaged to anyone” Agha Ali issues fresh clarification – SUCH TV


Following his viral statement regarding a breakup on a Ramadan transmission, actor-singer Aagha Ali says in a fresh clarification that he was never engaged to anyone.

Showbiz heartthrob Aagha Ali, who has been in the news headlines amid the speculations around his divorce from actor wife Hina Altaf, grabbed all the more attention of social users following his confession that he made on a private TV channel’s Ramadan transmission, regarding a breakup in 2018.

During his recent appearance with fellow actor Amar Khan, Ali shared, “I am at a place in life where I feel I am secure enough to talk about this.”

He continued to reveal, “In 2018, I invested my money somewhere, like 80-90% of my bank balance. I was also in a relationship. And 2018 was a year that took all of that from me. I had my image destroyed in the industry. 99% of the people would only talk negatively about me. On social media, I could only see myself painted as a villain. I gained a lot of weight. I was not paying attention to myself at all.”

The ‘Arranged Marriage’ mentioned how an Umrah pilgrimage the same year changed his life for the better at that time. “In 2018, I went on an Umrah. After that, not only did I find myself closer to God. That experience changed my life and the way I used to think about it,” Ali recalled. “My way of living, my way of handling things, my nature, my aggression – all the negativity in my life left.”

“I had only prayed that things were resolved because my intentions were not bad and no one knows that better than God,” he added during the outing.

However, as the clip of his statement went viral on social media, netizens started to connect the dots to his relationship with actor Sarah Khan around the same time.

In a fresh clarification regarding the matter, Ali turned to his Instagram stories and wrote, “Thank you for all your kind messages and posts. Just a little correction, I was never engaged to anyone.”aagha ali, clarification, breakup statement“Neither I said anything regarding that,” he added in the text story.

Pertinent to note here Aagha Ali married co-star Hina Altaf during the Covid-19 lockdown in May 2020. Rumours regarding their separation have been rife since last year, however, neither of the celebrities has publicly commented on the matter.


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