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Fans can’t tell who this waxwork is meant to be


A new Beyonce waxwork has gone viral after if it was unveiled in the UK on Thursday.

Madame Toussauds in Blackpool, England, celebrated this week as two new waxworks – Beyonce and Lady Gaga – arrived at the venue for final touch-ups before being unveiled.

Studio artist Natascha Schnieden and wardrobe technician Lydia Robson worked on the waxworks before they were revealed to the public, and immediately – after the first pictures were released – all eyes were on Queen B for the wrong reasons.

The new model, which will be available at the major tourist attraction from this weekend, has caused a stir after many failed to see the similarity to the Renaissance singer.

Fans have rushed to social media to share their confusion over the waxwork, with many hitting back at Maddame Toussads for “messing” with the superstar’s face.

“They can never get Beyonce’s wax figure right,” moaned one angry fan, while a second tweeted: “What’s with wax figure museums and messing up Beyoncé’s face every single time?”

Others poked fun at the situation, with one replying: “This is what happens when you order your Beyoncé wax figures from Temu,” referring to the budget online marketplace.

Some questioned why the figure appeared to look like a famous sitcom actress, US star Leah Remini.

“Queen of Queens or Queen B? Someone tell that Beyoncé’s waxwork doesn’t look like Leah Remini?” pondered one fan,” with another saying: “I cannot unsee Leah Remini.”

Remini saw the remarks going viral, and shared on Twitter that she was “screaming” over the comparisons.

“I am screaming!” laughed the TV star. “And loving all the tweets! This perimenopausal woman will take any and all comparisons to the beautiful Beyoncé!”

It’s not the first time a waxwork of Beyonce has sparked international attention.

In 2017, a wax figure of the singer was pulled for looking “whitewashed”. At the time, many compared the statue to looking like Taylor Swift.

At the time, Madame Toussauds New York made “adjustments” following a backlash from fans on social media.

“We love, respect, and enjoy a working relationship with Beyoncé …” said the venue in a statement. “We have adjusted the styling and lighting of her figure, and she is [back] on display.”


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