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Here’s why Prince William did not meet Harry during his recent UK visit

Prince Harry travelled to UK to see his cancer-stricken dad King Charles but failed to meet Prince William

Prince Harry flew to the UK to see his dad, King Charles, but failed to meet his elder brother, Prince William and an expert claims she knows why.

After Charles personally informed Harry of his cancer diagnosis, the Duke of Sussex did not waste any time to visit his father in his home country.

However, the two only met for 45-minutes and Harry departed from UK without meeting Prince William or Kate Middleton, who recently had an abdominal surgery.

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Speaking with GB News, royal expert Angela Levin claimed that William does not trust Harry enough to meet him as he believes he will use their “conversations” to get “more publicity.”

“He knows that he will use conversations to get more publicity,” she added. “He would also use it to be able to sell anything that William said to him and make money that way with Netflix.”

The expert continued: “Harry’s behavior is beyond imagination. If your father is ill or someone you care about is ill, you try and make it something they would want.”

“You would say, ‘I would love to come, tell me when it suits you.'”

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