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Truth behind Ryan Gosling’s Oscars ‘snub’ statement


Ryan Gosling is again addressing how he feels about the Oscars snubbing Margot Robbie and Greta Gerwig in the respective Best Actress and Best Director categories for the Barbie movie.

“Look, I heavily edited that statement,” Gosling told Variety about the memo he released on January 23, stating his counterparts’ “work should be recognised.”

“I think if I say any more about it, I’m going to basically put on a mink and start challenging people to a beach-off on Malibu Beach,” he joked, referencing how Ken channels his aggression in the film, reports the New York Post.

He concluded, “In terms of people’s reactions, the film continues to provoke conversation in every incarnation. It keeps provoking this dialogue. It’s the power of this movie. I struggle to compare it to anything.”

The Notebook star’s original statement expressed gratitude for his Barbie role earning him a Best Actor nod, but also claimed, “There is no Ken without Barbie, and there is no Barbie movie without Greta Gerwig and Margot Robbie, the two people most responsible for this history-making, globally celebrated film.”

“No recognition would be possible for anyone on the film without their talent, grit and genius,” he added. “To say that I’m disappointed that they are not nominated in their respective categories would be an understatement.

“Against all odds with nothing but a couple of soulless, scantily clad and thankfully crotchless dolls, they made us laugh, they broke our hearts, they pushed the culture and they made history. Their work should be recognised along with the other very deserving nominees,” Gosling said.

Barbie received eight Oscar nominations, and while Robbie, who also produced the film, and Gerwig were snubbed in their respective categories, they are both honoured with the Best Picture nom.

This makes Gerwig only the third female director to be up for the award.

Robbie addressed the snubs last month during a SAG-AFTRA discussion, explaining, “There’s no way to feel sad when you know you’re this blessed.”

“Obviously, I think Greta should be nominated as a director,” she said. “What she did is a once-in-a-career, once-in-a-lifetime thing. What she pulled off, it really is. But it’s been an incredible year for all the films.”

Jimmy Kimmel hosts the 2024 Oscars, which will air in Australia on March 11.

This article originally appeared in the New York Post and was reproduced with permission.


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