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Billy Mayhew’s turmoil in Coronation Street: Dark past to rehab and love triangles

Vicar Billy Mayhew has been at the heart of the drama in Coronation Street. He’s the kind-hearted clergyman with a dark past. But he’s been struggling recently looking after his ill husband, Paul Foreman.

Tonight (Tuesday, February 13), Billy took some painkillers for his back pain and ended up getting involved in a violent punch up. Here’s a look at his history with drug addiction and other dark times he’s experienced.

Who is Billy Mayhew?

Billy Mayhew – former drug addict turned vicar – arrived in Coronation Street in 2014, when he had a romance with knicker-stitcher Sean Tully.

But after a happy couple of years, Billy dumped poor Sean for Todd Grimshaw.

Sean and Billy were an item when Billy first came to the Street (Credit: ITV)

The couple seemed made for each other and even adopted Summer Spellman – the daughter of Billy’s ex-boyfriend Drew, who was dying.

But when Todd did a runner, Billy was heartbroken.

Dark times for Billy

Shortly before  Todd and Billy broke up, things took a dark turn for the vicar. He confessed to Peter Barlow that he had been driving the car that killed Peter’s twin sister, Susan.

In terrible revenge, Peter threatened to throw Billy over a cliff. He didn’t – but Billy fell.

Peter wanted revenge on Billy for killing his twin sister (Credit: ITV)

When he came round in hospital, Eileen broke the news that Todd had gone.

Billy was badly hurt and had to use a wheelchair, while teenager Summer cared for him. But Adam Barlow – Susan’s son – gave him stronger painkillers and Billy became addicted, eventually ending up using heroin. Again.

A spell in rehab followed and Billy returned to Weatherfield a reformed character.

Is Billy Mayhew married?

Billy got together with Paul Foreman, but when Todd turned up again, Billy couldn’t resist his manipulative attempts to get back together.

Todd made poor Paul look like the bad guy and eventually dumped him for Todd.

The pair planned a wedding – with Summer as best woman – but Paul was determined to prove Todd had been up to no good.

Todd schemed to get back together with Billy (Credit: ITV)

He managed to reveal his conniving ways and Todd and Billy broke up.

Eventually, Billy reunited with Paul and the couple ended up getting married in 2023.

Unable to have a same-sex wedding in the church, Billy went behind the Bishop’s back and ended up getting suspended from his position as vicar by holding a private ceremony in the holy building.

Paul doesn’t have long left to live (Credit: ITV)

Billy and Paul’s MND journey

In 2023, Billy’s partner Paul was sadly diagnosed with MND. He later found out that he didn’t have much longer left to live.

After getting wed to Paul, Billy was hit by the news that Paul had an assisted dying plan. Going against everything he believed in, Billy agreed to help Paul when the time came.

Currently, Billy has been caring for Paul and is trying to make each day as fun as possible for him before his inevitable death.

Who plays vicar Billy Mayhew?

Billy is played by actor Daniel Brocklebank.

He was already an accomplished actor when he joined Corrie having appeared in films including Shakespeare In Love and The Hours, as well as on television shows such as Down to Earth, The Bill, Casualty and a small screen adaptation of Oliver Twist.


ED Coronation Street WhatsApp call to action advert

Daniel played Ivan Jones in Emmerdale (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

In 2005, Daniel joined Emmerdale as Ivan Jones. He was initially only contracted to appear in three episodes but he won over producers and became a regular character who had a steamy romance with Paul Lambert.

And in 2008, after leaving the Dales, Daniel appeared in EastEnders as Roger Green – a man pretending to be Billy Mitchell’s son.

He joined Coronation Street in 2014.

Is Billy Mayhew gay in real life?

Daniel Brocklehurst has spoken about his sexuality several times and always been proud of who he is.

In 2021 he told Attitude magazine that his management in LA had tried to persuade him not to come out, but he resisted.

The British LGBT Awards 2017, Grand Connaught Rooms, London UK, 12 May 2017, Photo by Brett D. Cove Pictured: Daniel Brocklebank,Rob Mallard,Adele Roberts
Daniel (pictured here at The British LGBT Awards in 2017) had a romance with co-star Rob Mallard. (Credit: Photo by Brett D. Cove

“I pretend for a living, I didn’t want to pretend in my private life,” he said. “When you spend your life on screen, it’s important to hold on to the bits that are real. Who I am in my real life should bear no relevance to what I play on screen.”

In 2017, Daniel had a romance with co-star Rob Mallard, who plays Daniel Osbourne. But they split after deciding they were better as friends – and the pair remain close.

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