Corners Weekly Review


I’m not gonna lie, I was gonna mail this one in.  It’s only been five days of games at this writing, and of course, you can’t make decisions on a small sample size.  What in the name of Bill James are you trying to do there?

Of course, baseball being baseball, we needed here in KelderLand to take a break from my Blue Devil tourney run to take a quick peek at the corner infield market.

I’m planning to feature a first base and third base per week, and more if inspiration shoots out of some plumbing or something.  Apparently, my plumber called it something far more colorful but maybe you get the idea?  Now that I think about it, my stuff and plumbing discharge have some things in common.

Royce Lewis:  It’s fun to ask questions about guys in fantasy drafts.  It’s hilarious when those questions can actually be answered in the first game.  How often does that happen in baseball?

The question I had in mind was if Lewis was going to remain injury prone.  Damaging your quad in game 1 answers that, huh?  Most of you paid a good price for the potential, and I’m sure that’s leading you to some early regrets.

Unfortunately, top 20 prospect Brooks Lee is ailing with a back issue and can’t make a cameo, and there really isn’t a pickup to make to me.

Another injury was a broken wrist to Josh Jung on the Rangers.  Poor guy can’t catch a break. Too soon?  Really big bummer for him and for me.  What about the analysts, right?  He was my breakout pick and instead, his break made him go out.  And it’s a wrist, the notorious power sapper!

Christpher Morel:  Cubs social media is extremely divided on Morel. I dug into the numbers and came up with the Mark Reynolds one.  You know,  big power, clicks for a while then goes away, no defense.  Had some really big seasons did Mark, he did indeed.  Is that Morels future?

I still think his mechanics will come and go, and wax and wane, and any other opposites you can think of.  The swing and miss is a real issue and only time will tell if he can fix it long term.  Reynolds did it for entire seasons, and also lost it for seasons.

Craig Counsell seems to be a believer in Morel, hitting him cleanup in all the Cubs games.  One guy I saw called him a future hall of fame boss man.  I’m not sold and floated him some sell high deals to Cub fans.  The positives are the 2B/OF/3B soon eligibility of course.  He probably is in line for over 30 HR and 100 RBI in that spot.

Did I just talk myself into him?  Maybe but don’t tell anyone.

Another fun question answered in preseason was the Reds playing time.  I’m calling Christian Encarnacion-Strand the first base, Spencer Steer the corner eligible also every day in the lineup.  I’m a Cub fan so I want them to stink but they won’t.


Thanks for reading and if you have any corner guy you want a snap judgement on shoot ahead!


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