“It’s like your old life died”: Felicity Huffman reflects on college admissions scandal fallout


In an interview with The Guardian, former “Desperate Housewives” star Felicity Huffman said she’s still sifting through a myriad of emotions five years after taking part in a college admissions scandal. Huffman in May 2019 pleaded guilty to to conspiracy to commit mail fraud and honest services mail fraud after paying $15,000 for someone to administer and correct her eldest daughter’s college entrance exam, boosting her score. Huffman served 11 days in prison, was fined $30,000, and ordered to do 250 hours of community service.

The interview was conducted on the set of “Hir,” a London-based play in which Huffman has a lead role. “How I am is kind of a loaded question,” she said. “I guess I’m still processing.

“I did a pilot for ABC recently that didn’t get picked up. It’s been hard,” she continued. “Sort of like your old life died and you died with it. I’m lucky enough to have a family and love and means, so I had a place to land.” Huffman also acknowledged that the scandal now follows her. “I walk into the room with it,” she said. “I did it. It’s black and white. I’m not in any way whitewashing what I did, but some people have been kind and compassionate. Others have not.

The FBI investigation into the scandal, dubbed “Operation Varsity Blues,” determined that wealthy parents had paid college counselor William “Rick” Singer to assist their children in obtaining admission to elite universities by increasing their college exam scores or falsely presenting them as top athletic recruits.


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