First pictures: Stroll gives new Aston Martin AMR24 its track debut

Aston Martin’s new AMR24 has run on-track for the first time in a shakedown filming day at Silverstone.

The team has shared images of the car hitting the track for its inaugural run with Lance Stroll at the wheel.

Aston Martin are running the AMR24 for the first time during a filming day at the Silverstone circuit – directly opposite their team’s new factory which produced it.

The team will be hoping to build on the success of last year’s AMR23, which took eight podium finishes over the season – all of which achieved by Stroll’s team mate Fernando Alonso. Aston Martin finished fifth in the championship last year, the team’s best finish in the standings since adopting the name and colours of the famous British brand.

Stroll said yesterday he was “very excited” to see what the team had done with its new car. “We’re trying to really build on on last year’s car.”

Aston Martin began last season in competitive shape but tailed off around the middle of ther season. Stroll said the team has worked on addressing the difficulties it encountered last year.

“We had a strong car last year, definitely opening up the season we came out really strong. Some weaknesses in the car at certain tracks some of those weaknesses were exposed and we struggled a lot more as a team.”

“A lot of people the whole factory’s been working really hard on building from last year, improving some of the weaknesses and also building on the strengths of last year’s car,” he added. “I’m definitely excited for the start of the season. But also throughout this season, it’s a long season in F1, and we want to also really build from race one to race 24 and make the car stronger and stronger throughout the year.”

The two drivers are expected to share the 200 kilometres of running the team can conduct in the filming day, increased from the previous 100km limit.

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Pictures: 2024 Aston Martin AMR24 on track

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