Five Reds explain why ‘This Is The One’


“Some of the song’s resonance comes from the delivery, because at points, especially in the beginning, it’s almost like Ian is whispering that first chorus. It’s right there. It’s in your head. It goes from that to full throttle very quickly but they’re not throwing pots and pans at it. It grows and it grows very quickly. There’s not loads of elements going on. You don’t have to go all guns blazing for a song to be impactful. It comes from starting at quite a delicate point I think. People talk about the music a lot, and obviously the music is incredible, but the lyrics are incredible as well. Ian is a poet. The line ‘immerse yourself in splendour’ is beautiful.”


“When you play the intro, the fans in the stadium know straight away that the players are in the tunnel. It’s so iconic, it’s so special, it’s far more than just a song. It’s the greatest song you could possibly play at a football ground. I go to all the away matches and there’s no song like ‘This Is The One.’ I remember once I was coming out of the Etihad after a derby match and I happened to meet Ian Brown who was there with his two sons. To my delight, he turned to one of his sons and said, ‘Do you know who this is? This is Alan Keegan, the voice of Old Trafford, the fella who plays your dad’s song at Old Trafford, ‘This Is the One.'”

The Stone Roses collection is now available from United Direct and the Megastore at Old Trafford.

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