Fix Your Most Common Chipping Mistakes


Here are a few points to take away:


  • Feel an even, ‘tick, tock” type pace as you swing the club back and forth

  • A good practice is to hit a few simple chip shots with a 7 iron. This will give you an excellent sense of what the pace should feel like

  • Try to feel the transition be as passive or gentle as you can. That change of direction needs to be silky smooth

Low Point

  • The practice rehearsals I demonstrated in the video are very important. Practice those both, away from the course and when playing

  • Feel your weight staying forward in the backswing as this will aid you in being able to shift the low point forward

As with anything, practice is integral to improvement. Try a few of those 7 iron shots in practice and don’t allow yourself to make a practice motion without having the intent of getting the club to bottom out of the target side of the ball.

I hope these ideas prove to be helpful to you and your enjoyment out on the golf course. Thanks, as always, for your support and readership.


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