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Is The Social Golfer Handicap ‘Official’?

Probably, one of the most frequent questions we are asked. Unfortunately, the only way to hold an ‘Official Golf Handicap’ is via your governing body. In the UK these are administered by England Golf, Wales Golf, Scotland and in Northern Ireland by Ireland Golf.  

However, golf is the ONLY sport in the world, whereby the ‘scoring’ system is only considered legitimate if calculated by an official sporting organisation i.e. unless it is tracked by your club or your national body, it is not official.

Why is this and does it matter? Well firstly, in the UK, England Golf receives a fee from all their members for their handicap Index. It is approx. £25 per annum per player. Alternatively, non-members can use their smart phone app, which is £44 per year.  

So, it would seem this is a revenue driver for them. The good news is that event if you upgrade to our HANDICAP membership, it is approx. half the price you will pay with them. e.g. ONLY £20 per year.


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