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Sarmad Khoosat returns to telefilms with ‘Roshan Raahein’ | The Express Tribune

Renowned filmmaker Sarmad Khoosat is making a triumphant return to the world of telefilms with Roshan Raahein, a passion project that marks his comeback after a decade-long hiatus. The trailer for the upcoming telefilm teases a powerful narrative, featuring a star-studded cast including the talented actors Sania Saeed, Rasti Farooq and Aleeza Fatima.

Revolving around a young woman facing challenges in her small neighbourhood due to the absence of streetlights, Roshan Raahein takes on the relatable issue of safety and mobility for women. The trailer unfolds a compelling narrative of resilience against bureaucratic indifference and victim-blaming, addressing societal issues surrounding women’s safety and freedom of movement.

Expressing his excitement on Instagram, Khoosat stated, “I used to love telefilms/stand-alone teleplays, but they became passé and stopped making any lucrative sense. Literally after a decade or so, I got an opportunity to direct this heartwarming story with some of my favorite collaborators. It’s releasing soon.”

Roshan Raahein promises to depict sisterhood and collective resistance, portraying the challenges women encounter in their daily lives. The protagonist’s struggle becomes a rallying point, inspiring women in her community to unite against systemic shortcomings. The trailer leaves audiences eager for more, questioning whether this collective fight will illuminate a path to a brighter future.

Fans can expect the telefilm to delve into societal issues such as victim-blaming and the daily challenges faced by women. Shedding light on how society often overlooks minor problems when women are affected, the story prompts a collective effort to address issues that should be straightforward. The narrative questions harmful stereotypes and encourages discussions about equality.

With stellar performances, an impactful storyline, and a message of empowerment, Roshan Raahein appears to be a promising offering from the Kamli director. As audiences await its release, the trailer has already generated anticipation, promising a cinematic experience that goes beyond entertainment, emphasizing the strength that emerges when individuals unite for a common cause.

Directed by Khoosat, the telefilm is written by Nirmal Bano, with the story and concept credited to Rashida Dohad and the Omar Asghar Khan Foundation. Actors Sania Saeed, Rasti Farooq, Omer Ghaffar, Aleeza Fatima, Adeel Afzal, and others will be seen in prominent roles. Produced by Sundas Hashmi, Roshan Raahein is slated for release on YouTube.

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