How to share reels on Instagram Stories


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Instagram allows you to share videos from Reels in Stories (Image: Lupa Charleaux/Tecnoblog)

Sharing Reel videos on Instagram Stories is a way to show your followers content that you consider relevant or fun.

You can share your own videos or another reel with no story, since the publication is defined as public.

Além disso, o Instagram is implementing a new resource that allows you to refuel a reel in a friend’s story, in the case of oil or sharing.

Next, see step by step how to add a reel to Instagram Stories.

1. Open the Instagram app and find a reel to refuel

Open the Instagram app on your cell phone and tap the Reels guide, icon at the bottom right, to find a reel to refuel. You can also search by reels to access a specific profile and tap on the Reels, above the main level.

Print of the Instagram application shows how to access Reels

2. Tap the paper airplane icon

Tap the paper plane icon, on the right side of the screen, to open the Reels compartment menu.

Print of the Instagram application shows how to open the Reels compartment menu

3. Select the “Add to story” option

Select the “Add to Story” option at the bottom left of the Instagram screen.

Print of the Instagram application shows how to Add a reel to the Story from the Reels compartment menu

4. Edit the post with the Instagram Stories tools

Use the Stories tools, at the top of the web, and personalize the post. For example, tap the screen to save a comment, select GIFs, or choose to add music to change reel audio. Next, touch the white button, the bottom edge straight.

Printing the Instagram application shows how to Add a reel to the Story and edit the content

5. Make sure you want to share the story and publish it

Select the audience you want to share the story with the reel:

  • Seu Story: Share the publication with all your followers;
  • Lists: spread the story to people on your lists, such as Close Friends;
  • Message: send by DM or story com or reel for someone.

Finally, tap the blue “Share” button to post or relive Instagram Stories.

Print the Instagram application shows how to share a reel in a story

Important: o Instagram has started to implement the new “Friend’s Story” resource. It allows you to create a content or send a reel to share a friend’s Stories. On the other hand, people need to approve the content before it is published.

This is still available for some iOS users, the resource was not officially released on Instagram. You may have to receive more goodies before being released to all users of the social network of photos and videos.

Print the Instagram application showing a friend's recent Story resource

Can you use the audio of a reel in the Instagram story?

When you share a reel in your Instagram story, keep the original audio. To use only the reel audio, drag the video out of the canvas and leave it “hidden”.

Use the Stories tools to edit the rest of the post, inserting images, GIFs, figurines and other elements. It is worth mentioning that the story with the reel will have a maximum duration of 15 seconds.

Print of the Instagram application shows you hiding a reel to use only the audio

Can you post an entire reel in Instagram Stories?

O Instagram allows you to share only 15 seconds of a video on Reels in Stories. From now on, it is necessary to play the reel to see the content in its entirety.

An alternative to post a 1-minute video without a story or download from the reel. So, just create a new story on Instagram using the media saved in your phone gallery.

Does Instagram warn you if you are sharing a reel in Stories?

Instagram does not notify the creator when you share a reel in a story. Now, if you want to mark people in the story, they will be able to know what the video of Reels is sharing in Stories.

As brand notifications, Stories are registered in direct messages (DMs). However, people can only see the story while it’s not open (24-hour period).

Why can’t I share a reel in Stories?

It is necessary that people who publish the original reel have a public profile to share reels on Instagram Stories. Meanwhile, there are some reasons why you will not be able to publish a reel in our Stories.

  • The public profile that fez the original post altered the privacy settings and sharing to create a reel on Instagram;
  • Or it may have been sent only to people on one of the breeder’s lists, such as Close Friends;
  • Even if you publish or repost, there may be a private account. This prevents you from sharing the video as a story;
  • Your version of the Instagram app may be outdated or the social network for photos and videos is experiencing technical problems.

How to share reels on Instagram Stories


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