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IPL 2024: When Angry KKR Head Coach Tears Apart Varun Chakravarthy’s Jersey With Scissors
Chandrakant Pandit (L) and Gautam Gambhir | Source:

Days after David Wiese exposed details about Kolkata Knight Riders’ (KKR) head coach Chandrakant Pandit, another ex-KKR player has come forward with startling revelations, painting a clearer picture of the coach’s dictatorial coaching tactics.

During the Tamil commentary of a recent KKR versus Delhi Capitals match, N Jagadeesan, a former KKR player, dropped a bombshell revelation about Chandrakant Pandit, recalling an incident where Pandit tore apart Varun Chakravarthy’s jersey.

According to N Jagadeesan, it was a sleeveless practice day, with every player instructed to wear sleeveless jerseys. However, Varun Chakravarthy, the star spinner, accidentally wore a full-sleeved jersey. Upon noticing, Chandrakant Pandit pulled him aside and cut his sleeves with scissors.

“Last year in KKR camp Chandrakant Pandit told that day was sleeveless day and that day Varun (Chakravarty) wore full sleeves accidentally. Chandrakant Pandit called him aside and tore the shirt to sleeveless with a scissors,” N Jagadeesan said during Tamil Commentary with Star Sports.

Chandrakant Pandit’s ‘Militant Type’ Coaching Style

Nitish Rana & Chandrakant Pandit
Nitish Rana (L) & Chandrakant Pandit | Source:

Earlier, the Namibian all-rounder, David Wiese, who was part of KKR till last year, stated that many foreign cricketers did not like the coaching style of Chandrakant Pandit, and even went on to call it a ‘militant type’.

“Guys were frustrated because a lot changed, and the coach brought in things that he thought would bring success. But as an overseas player, they sometimes don’t sit well.

“He (Chandrakant) is known in India as a fairly militant type of coach, a strict disciplinarian. The overseas guys who’ve played all over the world don’t need someone coming in and telling them how to behave what to wear and what to do. I was chill with it, but there were players more stubborn than me,” he added.

Chandrakant Pandit continues to serve as the head coach of Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) in the ongoing IPL 2024 season. KKR has won all three matches played thus far, securing the top position on the points table.

Additionally, Gautam Gambhir, the former captain who led the Kolkata Knight Riders to two IPL titles in the past, has returned to the team, this time in the role of mentor.

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