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Jay Leno's Wife Mavis Diagnosed With 'Advanced Dementia' Amid Attempt to Establish Conservatorship

Jay Leno provided an update on his wife Mavis in newly filed court documents.

In January of this year, the 73-year-old former late-night show host filed court documents to establish a conservatorship over his wife who had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

On April 1, Mavis‘ court-appointed counsel Ronald Ostrin revealed that she had been diagnosed with “advanced dementia.”

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According to the docs, which were reviewed by E News, Mavis
sometimes does not know her husband, Jay, not her date of birth,” adding, “She has a lot of disorientation.”

Ronald clarified that she does support Jay‘s motion to establish the conservatorship over her estate. There are no plans to establish a conservatorship over her person unless “sometime happened to Mr. Leno.”

“After research and investigation, Mr. and Ms. Leno have a long-term, loving and supportive relationship,” Ronald opined. “However, no one lives forever, and the actions taken by Mr. Leno are necessary for his and Mavis’ protection. Estate planning is something that most everyone needs, but by the time you need it, if you don’t have it, it is too late to get it.”

Noting that Mavis “still has a charming personality and could communicate,” Ronald wrote that she viewed her husband as “her protector and she trusts him.”

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