Microsoft and Quantinuum shatter quantum computing boundaries with record-breaking error correction

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Microsoft and Quantinuum today announced the creation of the world’s most reliable logical qubits. The breakthrough is achieved with Microsoft’s qubit-virtualization software and error-handling protocols, which when run on Quantinuum’s ion-trap quantum hardware, produced over 14,000 error-free experiments. This unprecedented dependability moves quantum computing from the “noisy” (NISQ) level era to Level 2 Resilient quantum computing.

“This is a crucial milestone on our path to building a hybrid supercomputing system that can transform research and innovation across many industries. With a hybrid supercomputer powered by 100 reliable logical qubits, organizations would start to see scientific advantage, while scaling closer to 1,000 reliable logical qubits would unlock commercial advantage,” said Jason Zander – EVP, Strategic Missions and Technologies at Microsoft.

Microsoft highlighted that this is a historic moment. This is the first demonstrated system with four logical qubits that improves the logical over the physical error rate by such a large order of magnitude (about 800x).

Customer Access Coming Soon

Advanced capabilities built on these logical qubits will be offered in a private preview to Azure Quantum Elements customers within months.

Experts Weigh In

“Quantum error correction often seems very theoretical. What’s striking here is the massive contribution Microsoft’s midstack software for qubit optimization is making to the improved error rates. Microsoft really is putting theory into practice,” says Dr. David Shaw, Chief Analyst at Global Quantum Intelligence.

Quantinuum Partnership is Key

Microsoft and Quantinuum have worked closely since 2019. Quantinuum’s machines boast industry-leading fidelity, a crucial factor in the milestone.

“Today’s results mark a historic achievement and are a wonderful reflection of how this collaboration continues to push the boundaries for the quantum ecosystem. With Microsoft’s state-of-the-art error correction aligned with the world’s most powerful quantum computer and a fully integrated approach, we are so excited for the next evolution in quantum applications and can’t wait to see how our customers and partners will benefit from our solutions especially as we move towards quantum processors at scale,” said Ilyas Khan, Founder and Chief Product Officer, Quantinuum.

The Road to Quantum Supercomputing

Microsoft envisions Level 3 quantum supercomputing capable of revolutionizing chemistry and materials science. The company’s unique topological qubit approach could be pivotal.

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