Padres sign Jurickson Profar to one-year deal

We were waiting for this day and it has come. Jurickson Profar is signing back with the San Diego Padres on a one-year, $1 million contract. As of now, he’d likely slot in as the starting left fielder on Opening Day. Based on his salary though, it’s probably safe to say the Padres want an upgrade and are planning for Profar to be a valuable utility man off the bench.

Signing Profar at $1 million shouldn’t be looked at as a bad thing. If he doesn’t perform great, then they can let him go like San Diego did with Nelson Cruz last season and it doesn’t cost them much at all—or they just could keep him for the good vibes and at least he’s a major league veteran who can come off the bench to play a lot of different positions. And if he performs, well then that’s one of the best value contracts in the league.

The 30-year-old had a really good 2022 season as the starting left fielder so he tried to go get a big contract with Scott Boras representing him but that didn’t work out, as he ended up signing with the Colorado Rockies after the World Baseball Classic (.236/.316/.364).

The Padres ended up picking him up near the end of their disappointing 2023 season after Jake Cronenworth went on the IL with a broken right wrist. He’d go on to play 14 games at the major league level, posting a .776 OPS.

According to FanGraphs, the Padres CBT number is a little more than $215.6 million after the Profar addition so the club has probably around $15 million to spend on the rest of the roster before Opening Day (assuming they want to leave some room for trade deadline additions).

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