Rangers waive Tyler Pitlick, return Matt Rempe to Hartford; Trade brewing? – Blue Seat Blogs

The Rangers have made a pair of roster moves to clear cap and roster space, returning Matt Rempe to the Hartford Wolf Pack after a one day stay and placing Tyler Pitlick on waivers. When Adam Edstrom was recalled the other day, we thought it was a possibility that Pitlick would be waived. Neither of these are surprising moves, and it does appear something is brewing.

There are two quick thoughts on these moves. The first is the Rangers wanted Edstrom to be a part of the fourth line sooner, but his injury prevented it, thus Pitlick was a plug. A successful plug, mind you, but a plug nonetheless. Edstrom has looked good in his two games, and he moves well for such a big guy. If he’s an answer to the fourth line, that’s fewer resources needed to spend on a trade.

The other thought is a trade is brewing, and both may be true. Waiving Pitlick means the Rangers are down to 12 forwards, and Pitlick would need to clear before any additional cap space becomes available. With the Rangers off today and tomorrow, they have the time to finalize a trade and get the player to New York in time for their Thursday game against Montreal.

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