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The Calgary Flames rumoured trade looks to have been a lot closer than originally reported.

On Saturday Headlines, Ellitotte Friedman reported that the New Jersey Devils and the Flames had serious conversations around a trade for goaltender Jacob Markstrom. Friedman’s reporting was the first to really note something serious around this topic, but it had been heavily rumoured up until that point. 

Now news has broke that not only was it close, but it was extremely close to happening before falling apart for unknown reasons.

Initial talks between the Devils and Flames were real

To refresh memories, here is what Friedman had reported on Saturday: 

The Flames and the Devils played earlier this week, the Flames beat them, and from what I understand the two teams are not commenting in the lead-up to that game the two teams had legit conversations about the Calgary goalie. Now there is a couple things I want to make clear here, number one I don’t know if this was ever taken to Markstrom, and I don’t know if he got involved, but I do think the two teams talked about it quite seriously and I think there was a couple of issues.

One of course would be the package to get him, the other was retention. Now is it still possible? I just heard it was really tough to do, really difficult, and it stopped in its tracks. But the two sides did talk, I believe there were some serious conversations and we’ll see if it picks up.

– Elliotte Friedman

Further clarifications were made

So something serious, but looks to have gone away for now. That is until the report from James Nichols and Frank Seravalli today from NJ Hockey Now

“I think the Devils and Flames were pretty far down the track on a Markstrom deal…I think it did get to his level to approve it, there were no issues there. Somehow along the way, that trade was scuttled. Don’t know how and don’t know why. But, they were pretty close to nailing it down. You would have seen Jacob Markstrom become a New Jersey Devil, I think at some point last week…Can this be revisited, my answer is probably not based on the way it played out. And two, now what? Is there another team that would be willing to step up and pay what would be a pretty significant price in order for Calgary to reshape their goaltending scenario?”

– Frank Seravalli

A missed trade opportunity


Sounds like the team was that close to consummating a deal, had taken it to Markstrom, and then it died. If you read between the lines, it’s perfectly clear that this was taken to Murray Edwards and probably cancelled due to the retention on the Markstrom contract. Too many deals have been ruined in the past over similar approvals from Edwards, and this one reeks the same.

The rumoured return of Alexander Holtz, in addition to more, is a tough pill to swallow as the team would have been able to get a haul for Markstrom.

Here’s to hoping that the deal can come back to the table. 

Photo by Brett Holmes/Icon Sportswire

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