Sean ‘Big Sexy’ Turner fights former heavyweight world title challenger in bizzare Russian bout –

Sean Turner will fight a former world title challenger in a bizarre fight in Russia this Friday.

‘Big Sexy’ will share a ring with Kevin Johnson, the well-traveled fighter who once challenged Vitali Klitschko for a world heavyweight title and provided opposition to Anthony Joshua, Derek Chisora and Tyson Fury among others across a storied career.

The bout will take place on February 16 at the Dynamo Volleyball Arena in Moscow and is part of a REN TV ‘Fight Club’ Grand Prix.

The fight isn’t a sanctioned boxing match, the former pros will wear MMA Gloves and fight under boxing rules.

It’s another new venture for Turner, who has recently been seen in the bare-knuckle arena.

The Dubliner hasn’t been seen in the ring since he was stopped by Nathan Gorman live on BT Sports in 2018 and officially retired at the age of 31 in 2022.

There was talk he was looking to return in the same year but wasn’t granted a license at pro or amateur level.

He has since secured knockout wins in BKB and now fights in a new once-off combat format.

Speaking to Russian television when he landed in Moscow Turner said: “Tell him I’ll knock him out. The fans will see a great knockout from me.”

The former Irish International and WSB fighter has proved a frustrating figure for fans over the years. His style, willingness to fight and of course his ring moniker meant he was always popular with fight followers, but his dedication and focus were always an issue. There remains interest and excitement around his recent ring news, but there is always an element of fan sadness because he isn’t competing in boxing and worry with regard to how safe his escapades are.

Johnson, who Turner was in camp with as a sparing partner for Tyson Fury a decade ago, is a veteran of over 50 pro fights and last fought in Russia in 2023. The 44-year-old has got a Russian passport and now fights out of Russia.

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