Warrington Challenge – Photos



Dear Parents, Carers, Players,

Please see the below pictures of the tournament. If you have any questions, special requests regarding pictures, etc, let me know, and I will do my best to make it happen for you in a reasonable time.

Apologies, some pictures could have been saved only from deletion, if we turned them into black and white. But some turned into black and white because it is emphasizing those moments better, than the coloured versions.

I already contacted a photographer to have better pictures next time, and maybe some video content will also be created for the next event. But anyway…


No picture is allowed to be copied, modified, or posted anywhere else without the written consent of the author. These pictures are about children and their parents also holding rights and they are also able to withdraw their consent at any time. Be warned, do not use these pictures, infringers will face prosecution disregarding their current location. If you have used any of those pictures, remove them immediately.

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