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What Love on the Spectrum’s Dani Bowman, Abbey Romeo & Connor Tomlinson Really Think of the Series – E! Online

Love on the Spectrum captured the hearts of its viewers.

And as it turns out, the feeling is mutual for its cast members. Season two stars Connor Tomlinson, Abbey Romeo and Dani Bowman—the latter two having been with the show since season one—recently reflected on their experience filming the Netflix dating series. 

“First of all this show Love on the Spectrum,” Dani told E! News in an exclusive interview on Autism Acceptance Day April 2, “what they did is they allowed all of us on the spectrum in the show to be our true authentic selves and allow us to have our own voice to answer our questions. They’re very genuine, they allow us to be honest with some honest questions and answers, which is a great thing.”

The 28-year-old added, “They’re not here to exploit. But to show the differences, show different abilities.”

For his part, Connor echoed Dani’s feelings about the show striving for authenticity, while also noting the example it sets for viewers. 

“It’s trying to make sure to show people,” he said, “that we can push—whether we’re neurodiverse or neurotypical—we can push past our limitations. Make our dreams come true.”

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