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On this episode of The Schoch Factor Podcast, Stephen Schoch, Jake Mintz and Jordan Shusterman discuss Weekend 9 of the 2024 college baseball season, beginning with Steve’s interesting visit to ECU. On this trip Steve, was able to catch the No. 1 club baseball team in the nation as ECU took on No. 3 NC State. Following that, he headed over to the Charlotte-ECU game, where he found a free chicken tender on the way to the stadium that left Jake with a lot of questions – questions that he gets the answers to on this episode.

Following the free nugget discourse, the guys get into some of the biggest matchups from last week and give a nod to Texas A&M on being the new No. 1 team in the nation. Then we get into some of our favorite moments of the week and close it out with some drivers ed and NASCAR education from Jake! We have all that and more coming right up!

02:28 Club Baseball Adventures and Unexpected Encounters
05:48 The Chicken Supreme Incident: A Deep Dive
16:37 Diving Into the SEC: Surprises and Standouts
26:02 Wake Forest’s Resurgence and Tennessee’s Power Duo
33:34 ECU Concession Stand Review: The Pirate Dog Experience
37:33 Favorite Moments of the Week: Turkey Incident and Baseball Highlights
41:56 Exploring Unique Baseball Stories and Highlights
43:36 Coach Mazey’s Generous Offer at Buffalo Wild Wings
47:22 Celebrating College Baseball Achievements and Oddities
48:47 Billy Amick’s Impressive Return Post-Appendectomy
54:52 Diving Deep into NASCAR with a Baseball Twist
57:46 Wrapping Up with Player and Pitcher of the Week

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